Another Goat Story

Three weeks ago I was lying on the couch talking on the phone with a friend, when I heard an unrecognizable noise outside. I got up and went to see what it was, initially thinking it might be the workman who had painted the roof a few weeks earlier. I walked out on my veranda, fully expecting to see the workman, and when I looked on the roof there was not one, not two, but three goats on my roof!

I knew how they had gotten there – they walked up the steps to my apartment. Then, they squeezed through the gaps between the columns of my guard rail. What I didn’t know was how they were going to get down. I watched them walk to the edge of the roof, all three of them, huddled close together, and it seemed as though they were going to jump. They must have changed their minds because they turned around and started assessing their options. They walked around the roof for about ten minutes before they figured out they could exit the same way they entered. And exit they did. One, two, three goats walking confidently through the gaps of my guard rail, past me watching them on my veranda, and back down the steps.

Not a care in the world!

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1 Response to Another Goat Story

  1. Jenny Offt says:

    Very fun story!

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