The Flounder

Am I the only one who didn’t know that the flounder has two eyes on the same side of its head? All those years of, “I’ll have the flounder with a baked potato and side salad,” never fully realizing the monstrosity on the plate before me.

And let’s talk about natural selection. Did God get tired of figuring out who eats who on the food chain, and created the flounder as easy prey for larger fish? Having both eyes on the same side of your head is like having a car that can only make right turns – it makes no sense.

The reason I’m even writing about this is because last Sunday I went fishing in the Caribbean (I know, tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.) Me, and two of my Jamaican friends, spent the better part of the afternoon fishing. We caught two fish – flounder, to be exact. Yep, three adults spent four hours fishing in the open sea and caught two fish. What was amazing (besides spending four hours on the open sea and only catching two fish), was that the water was so clear we could see our bait on our lines while we trolled.

We used standard Jamaican fishing gear: a plastic mayonnaise bottle with fishing line tied to it, and an iron screw as a weight. Once again, I am humbled by the ingenuity of Jamaicans.

This is an activity I plan to do many more times while I’m here in Jamaica.

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4 Responses to The Flounder

  1. Bushlings says:

    Roll over laughing….!!!!!!! In Cayman we are fish snobs – certain fish we don’t eat that if we catch them we sell them to Jamaicans.

  2. eliot wessler says:

    Hi Mary– loved this post and the pictures. I agree flounder are weird little f…ers but they are tasty! Between your fishing adventure and chicken back soup making it sounds like you are becoming a bona fide Jamaican.

    We played poker for the first time in about 3-4 months. Played at Mark and Mimi’s house, with the usual suspects. It looks like we will try to play every other week.

    Miss you.

    • Mary Trotter says:

      Hi Eliot,

      They freaked me out! But yes, they were oh so tasty! I’m really enjoying Jamaican cuisine. I’ve learned to use spices liberally and it really makes a difference! I have quite a portfolio of dishes I prepare. I adapted to and began cooking my second day at site. I went to the market and bought goat and made curry goat. Yum!

      Glad to hear you guys are having a game a few times per month. Tell everyone hello for me!

      Miss you too 🙂

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