Riddle me this

Why does it take 1.5 hours for a human being to fly from Miami to Jamaica, and it takes 9 weeks for a bag of Reese’s Pieces to go from Virginia to Jamaica??

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3 Responses to Riddle me this

  1. Joan Van De Moortel says:

    Because Reese’s Pieces money is just peanuts to bring in so they have to sneak aboard without being caught which is very difficult since we all know we’re constantly under threat of attack and even where terrorists aren’t able to get us peanut allergies lurk and stalk just waiting to strangle us and the end of the world is coming this year and we are going to die!!! by some sneaky little piece.

  2. carol says:

    The same reason why Verizon can send movies in thin air but it takes 10 phone calls, hours of hold time and 3 months to correct a billing error.

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