Community Mapping

One of the Peace Corps’ requirements for volunteers is, within the first three months of arriving at your site, you are required to complete a Community and Sector Inventory, or CASI. This is a comprehensive analysis of your community – community which is defined by you, the volunteer. The purpose of the CASI is for the volunteer to familiarize oneself with the community. There are a number of tools the volunteer can use to gather data and compile an analysis of the community. One of these tools is a Community Map.

A Community Map is created by walking around the community and mapping out items of interest and importance. It was useful in that it really helped to familiarize me with Port Antonio.

I chose to define my community as the Port Antonio Development Area. This is a large area consisting of 7 smaller Development Areas, one of which is Boundbrook, the community in which I live.

I spent several days (a few hours at a time because it was too hot to be out walking for any length of time!) walking around Port Antonio. The pictures below are pictures I took when I walked up the hill behind my house as well as pictures of Monkey Island. The views, as you will see, are spectacular. I hope you enjoy them!

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2 Responses to Community Mapping

  1. Jenny Offt says:

    Thank you Mary, these are beautiful! So fun to see a pic of you!
    Merry Christmas! How is this celebrated in Jamaica?

    • Mary Trotter says:

      How do you think? Everyone goes to the BEACH!! Yes, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the popular beaches are full. Christmas Eve night there is Grand Market where all the stores and shops in town stay open all night. Everyone goes out and celebrates en masse! I will be going so I’ll be sure to let you know how it was.

      Christmas Day everyone stays home and sleeps as well as eats and drinks and spends time with family. Then, Boxing Day is another round of merriment! The 27th is a day to recover 🙂

      Merry Christmas!

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