Winter comes to Jamaica

And it’s right on time. Having gone to bed rather early last night (7:30 p.m.), I awakened at 3:20 a.m., seemingly ready to start my day but then realized that the reason I woke up was because I was cold! Ok, cold may be a bit strong, but I was feeling chilled so I turned off my fan 🙂

Every night since I arrived in Jamaica on June 29th, I have had a fan placed as close to me as possible at night when I sleep. But last night, I had to turn the fan OFF 🙂 I also found the fuzzy blanky my niece gave me and covered myself with it and happily fell back to sleep.

Winter in Jamaica

Winter in Jamaica. Wait, no, wrong picture. Winter in Virginia 2010!

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5 Responses to Winter comes to Jamaica

  1. Mary ritt says:

    Greetings and warm wishes for all you desire to bring you smiles and joy , love and peace.
    My sweet husband wants to know if you have a wish list for Santa do you have a cell that works there?? Let me know oxo. Mary Ellen

    • Mary Trotter says:

      Hi Mary Ellen!!

      Merry Christmas to you! It’s still very warm here but now there is a breeze almost every day. It feels great! They say it will become stronger soon…Jamaicans call it the Christmas Breeze.

      That’s very sweet of you and Jack but I really don’t have a wish list for Santa! I do have a working cell phone though and the number is 1-876-436-4558.

      I hope you enjoy the holidays!
      Love ya!

  2. If only that would be the case in the UK this year, oh well!

    A good blog, Best Wishes.

    Tony Powell

  3. Jenny Offt says:

    I went to sleep at about the same time, but stayed warm and cozy all night! What a surprise to be cold in Jamaica! Yay for for fuzzy blankets!

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