Emerging from the Technology Abyss

I got my new battery and it worked. Then, when it was at about 10% of remaining battery life, I decided to charge it and that’s when I discovered that the charger no longer worked. I wondered if, when the electrical current blew out the battery, if it also fried the charger. I took it to a computer store in town and they determined that the power cord was not damaged but the charger was. They disassembled the charger, fixed it, and I took it home to test.

It worked. Yes, the charger showed it was charging my computer. The issue: it took 8 hours to charge it from 8% to 100%. Now I know this is not normal. So, I will bring it back to the computer store and address the issue with them.

Let me just say here that I am looking forward to sharing something more than frustrations here in my future posts.

For now, Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to Emerging from the Technology Abyss

  1. Jenny Offt says:

    Love hearing everything that you have to say Mary!

  2. Joan Van De Moortel says:

    …and Happy Holidays to you! I’m betting this one will be like no other and will stay with you forever (ok, your forever). While there may not be silver bells, do know that my silver shoes that I got when we finally made it to Comfort One always bring you to mind with a smile.


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