The Prowler

A few weeks ago a friend spent the weekend visiting me. On Saturday morning I woke up and went into the kitchen to make coffee. I noticed the dustpan I keep next to my refrigerator was lying next in front of the refrigerator and had been separated from the small brush broom it holds. I wondered if my friend had possibly decided to sweep the floor but noticed it looked like it hadn’t been swept.

The next thing I noticed was the loaf of bread I had just bought (to make French toast!) was not on top of the refrigerator where I had put it. I started to question if I had even bought bread – maybe I had intended to but forgot? Then, when I went to put a bag of trash outside, I saw my loaf of bread lying in front of my front door grill. The bread bag had been ripped open on top and clearly, something had been eating it. It appeared that whatever had taken it off of my refrigerator had dragged it down the hallway from the kitchen to the front grill but was unable to get it through the bars.

I was so grossed out. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was it was a rat – a very large rat that had come in my house from who knows where, and pulled the bread off the fridge and attempted, unsuccessfully, to get it through the grill. I tried to visualize this and although it was the only animal I could imagine doing this, I wasn’t 100% sold. For one thing, there is about an 8″ gap between my kitchen counter and the refrigerator. I didn’t think rats were known for their leaping ability. Next, there weren’t any droppings around.

When my friend woke up I told her what had happened and we both decided not to think it was a rat. I decided it was a dog – a nice, fluffy Shih Tzu. Then, we agreed it was probably a cat. Later that day I spoke with a Jamaican friend who confirmed it was a cat – a feral cat! I realized I had left the door to the hallway open which made it easy for a hungry cat to make its way into my kitchen and steal my bread!

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