We did it!

Mission Accomplished: I conducted my first Basic Keyboarding Class tonight. In the two weeks since I’ve been at the Youth Information Center (YIC), I watched as the youth came to the Center needing a resume or cover letter typed. One of the goals of the YIC is youth empowerment and skills transfer. It made sense to me that instead of the Center staff typing the letters for them, the youth needed to learn how to type.

We have 12 computers in the center and I am ecstatic to report the class was full and there were a few people who wanted to take the class but couldn’t because we didn’t have enough computers šŸ˜¦

I found a wonderful online tutorial which is what I’m using. There are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons as well as typing tests, games, and certification after completion of the lessons.

One of my favorite parts of the class was after I introduced them to the “Home row” on the keyboard and they all had their hands placed correctly on the keys, I turned out the lights so they wouldn’t be able to see their hands if they looked down šŸ™‚ I really wanted to emphasize that memorization of the keys, repetition of key strokes, and practice were what was going to enable them to learn to type.

Since this is a beta test, I don’t know how many weeks this course will be. For now, we’re on again for next Wednesday šŸ™‚

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3 Responses to We did it!

  1. Carol Tiely says:


  2. ollie says:

    How wonderful. Sounds like you are having an impact already. Keep up the good work.

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