“Recognizing Our Future Volunteers”

Two weeks ago I attended a Special Event at the Peace Corps Headquarters which was held in honor of returned PC Volunteers, Applicants, Nominees, and Invitees. The event was free and open to the public, and Applicants, friends and families were invited.

Last year I attended the same event. At that time, I was an Applicant and I remember feeling nervous and like a bit of an outsider. This year, different story – I owned the joint!

Before the event, a handful of close friends and I met at one of DC’s premier Jamaican restaurants, “Famous Luigi’s.” Okay, it didn’t dawn on me until afterward that it would have been great to have done that. At any rate, we had a lovely dinner and I very much enjoyed the topic of conversation:  me.

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The event had the same format as the one I went to last year. And, just like last year, when they called the Nominees up on stage, they announced that six Nominees in attendance would receive their Invitations on the spot. The anxiety amongst the Nominees was palpable. I watched, as, one by one, they called some poor unsuspecting Nominee up to the stage and handed them their Invitation Kit as 100 or so people looked on. I can’t imagine what they were feeling. Some of them came to the event by themselves and some came with friends and family. None of them seemed prepared to receive their Invitation at the event.

Of the six Nominees called up, five were actually in attendance. I talked with one Nominee after he received his Invitation and he said he was still shaking!

All in all it was a great night. I was the only Invitee in attendance who was going to Jamaica! I felt proud to represent the Peace Corps Jamaica Volunteers!

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2 Responses to “Recognizing Our Future Volunteers”

  1. Lew says:

    I have been following your blogs for quite a while because I have been among the more ‘seasoned’ applicants and I have been so happy to find blogs from applicants with some years of professional experience. I, too, was nominated for Youth Development and I was hoping that I might be invited to join with your training group to serve in Jamaica. However, I just recently received my invitation and I will be serving in Macedonia, departing the States on September 9th.
    What a wonderful experience that must have been for you at the National Peace Corps Headquarters. I am attending a “Send-off” gathering for nominees and invitees sponsored by RPCVs at the University of Pennsylvania this evening. It won’t have the excitement of your meeting, but I am looking forward to meeting more RPCVs in this area.
    Best wishes to you as you prepare to serve in Jamaica.

    • Mary Trotter says:

      Hi Lew,
      Congratulations on your invitation to serve in Macedonia! I can hardly imagine what an amazing experience that will be! They are lucky to get such a “seasoned” and experienced PCV! I hope your event at the University of Pennsylvania was fun!

      Best of luck to you as well as you prepare to serve in Macedonia. Stay in touch!

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