I joined Jenny Craig…again

I want to be a leaner and healthier version of me before I begin my Peace Corps service. Last Sunday I got in the car and drove to the local Jenny Craig office. I was really taking a chance because it had been at least 10 years since I had been to that office.  I didn’t know if the office was still in existence, or if it had been sublet and turned into a pawn shop.

I walked up to the door and saw a few women inside. The receptionist saw me standing at the door, and buzzed me in. She said hello, then asked me if I was a new or existing member. I told her that I was a member years ago. And then, much to my dismay, she said, what I find to be the oddest thing ever, “Welcome back!” Really? She might as well have said, “Hey fatso, we knew you couldn’t do it. That’s why we encouraged you to get the platinum membership when you first joined 10 years ago.” I think Jenny Craig needs to rethink this greeting. The only reason a person returns is because they gained the weight back. Instead, I think the receptionist should have come out from behind the counter, given me a big hug, and said, “I’m so sorry it didn’t work out last time. This time will be better.” That would have been easier to swallow.

So, I have 4 months to lose 20 pounds. Very doable…if I change every eating habit I have.

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2 Responses to I joined Jenny Craig…again

  1. mary rogers ritt says:

    you can do it I will do it with you I need to get rid of 35 here goes!!

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