Update: Invitation Status

Wednesday, as I was sitting on my couch sorting through some mail and watching “Oprah,” I received a phone call. I looked at the display on my phone, and didn’t recognize the number. I let the phone ring a few times, and then decided to answer it. I answered, and in a very friendly voice, the caller told me she was from the Peace Corps Placement Office. She was returning my call from Monday, and thanked me for my patience. She said she really didn’t have much new information to tell me — that my file was indeed in “Placement” and there was, what she termed, an “overage” of applicants for the program I had been nominated for (Youth Development.) She said it is not certain at this time if I will be leaving per the original time frame (February through March), or, if I would be in the next group. I asked her what the time frame for the next group is and she said, “April through June.”

She acknowledged that in my file, it was noted that I have a mortgage, and will need to rent my house. She said she could appreciate the importance of receiving as much notice as possible — [I liked her before, but now I really liked her!]

She told me that in the next 2-3 weeks I should be hearing from my Placement Officer. She also said that in the next 2-3 weeks, if I had any questions, I could call her, and she gave me her number.

Truly, she gave me a lot of new information. She confirmed that my file was in Placement, and she gave me the name of my Placement Officer. She also confirmed my suspicion (per a message from one of my blog readers), that the Peace Corps currently has more applicants than programs to fill in Youth Development. And finally, she gave me reason to believe that I should be hearing something from them in the next 2-3 weeks.

So, that’s it. The information I gained from the phone call seemed similar to the “Results Show” after an American Idol competition, in a way, anti-climactic…at least for me. The  journey that led up to the phone call was far more compelling, and I will share that with you, in my next post.

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