I have felt so detached from this process lately. It’s such a strange experience to be going through. I’ve done my part and now I am waiting for “The Invitation.” Last week I sent the Peace Corps a little nudge in an email. Happily, I received the following note:  I will go ahead and forward your application to your Placement and Assessment Specialist. Alas,  movement!

By my best estimation I will receive my Invitation the week before Christmas and New Year when I am visiting family! Murphy’s Law. I do have a contingency plan though, if that happens!

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6 Responses to Detachment

  1. mary rogers ritt says:

    all things are in God’s time not ours; as you know. You will be perfect in place wherever you are. You my dear cousin have the spirit of love and healing. I truly
    hope we can connect over the season. xox mary ellen

  2. joey says:

    …how did this nudge email go?

    • Mary Trotter says:

      I contacted the person in the Legal area who had sent me an email in August. I acknowledged that I sent back the information he requested in September. I also mentioned that for my work, I need to give one of the agencies I work for a 90-day notice so anything PC could do to move me towards placement would be appreciated.

  3. I totally feel you. As January, the month I was nominated to leave approaches the whole idea of Peace Corps seems increasingly abstract and far away. I don’t understand this phenomenon since I’ve been taking steps to prepare since the late summer and been talking about leaving since my nomination in May. It feels like the invitation will never come and I will be left living in limbo indefinitely.

    • Casey says:

      I feel the same way! I was nominated for SSA leaving early February and my excitement level has been so high since April when I was nominated. I sent my updated resume a couple weeks ago and I have all of my clearances. However, it doesn’t seem real yet that I could be leaving in two months. Honestly it feels more unlikely now than it ever has, which is strange since I’m so far in the process. I think reality will come crashing back in once I have an invitation in my hands!

  4. RENEE! says:

    I feel the same way right now!! Boo. Cheers for both of us!

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