The waiting…

is starting to wear on me. I mentioned in an earlier post that I sent off the paperwork that would clear my Legal hold. My hold has not been cleared. What this means is the person responsible for reviewing my documents is up to his eye balls reviewing paperwork for volunteers who are leaving before me. Plain and simple.

Throughout the application process I have cycled through many emotions. Right now, my feelings of excitement have turned to feelings of malaise. I feel like I gave an 11-month notice to my employers, and I’m only in month seven. You know that feeling?

It’s odd. It’s already October and it’s really not that long before my world, as I know it, will dramatically change. Yet it feels like such a long way off.

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3 Responses to The waiting…

  1. Peggy says:

    The book is hard to read, and even harder to apply to real life as far as working through the daily grind of jobs, family and obligations. It helped to have a great group leader to talk through it with and, of course, I’d much rather read my novels and fictional “mind candy” things. I don’t remember many of the details, and only mentioned it because some of your statements brought it to mind. Whatever…

    Good luck! P.

  2. Peggy says:

    Hey Mary Jane! (You’ll always be Mary JANE)…I once was in a religious group that read and studied “The Purpose Driven Life”. Have you heard of it? Some of your writing reminds me of the book a little. My life feels purposeful, don’t get me wrong. Wonderfully upbringing, great family and friends, beautiful sons and now granddaughters, a teaching career that I enjoy, but I do have to admit to forgetting. Forgetting to look “up”.

    Anyway, heard about this at the latest cousins gathering. SO COOL! You have all my love and admiration. Good luck, Girl! From your favorite cousin. (tee hee)

    • Mary Trotter says:

      Hey Peggy,

      First of all, I LOVE being called Mary Jane! The only people who call me that are my peeps from home!!

      I’ve heard of the book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” I have it. I bought it a few years ago but wasn’t able to get through it. Actually, I didn’t get very far. I picked it up again today. I’m curious to see if it speaks to me now.

      I love being able to share this experience with my friends and family through my blog. I’m glad my sisters shared it with you guys!

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