Cassava…the wonder food

Last week a friend of mine from Nigeria introduced me to the cassava root. He tried to explain its versatility to me but ultimately decided to make me several foods using the root. He worked with it in a ground form and before lunch was over I had consumed it four different ways.

He explained to me that in Nigeria it was a high carbohydrate, calorie-dense staple. He said that kids who went to boarding school took it with them to snack on in between meals.

He first served it to me mixed with cold water in a cup. It was like a protein drink where the protein never really dissolved. The flavor was unknown to my palette – there is nothing I can really compare it to.

I didn’t finish the cup of partially dissolved cassava root so he told me to wait, it would soon turn into a food product that resembled grits, which it did. The beverage became something you could eat with a spoon and add more liquid to, if you liked.

Next he prepared it with hot water making a paste that you could eat by putting a sauce over. He added more hot water to it and the consistency changed to something that resembled mashed potatoes. Honestly, this food wouldn’t quit. It reminded me of one of those dresses you order from QVC that has 101 uses. Unbelievable.

He wanted to make me fried cassava but my time and appetite ran out so that will happen at a later time.

My takeaway here is that wherever I’m serving it would be well for me to get myself some ground cassava for those times where a late night trip to Burger King is just not possible.

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