So I’m waiting. Waiting on myself actually. I am the official obstacle standing between being issued an invitation to serve, and not. What’s left? Well, during my interview I divulged that I had some debt. Not a crazy amount but an amount that would not allow me to leave in 6 weeks. That seems to be the magic number. You receive your invitation and Presto, in 6 weeks you’re on your way. This month I will pay a couple of things off and then I will let the Peace Corps know.

Waiting is difficult. I feel like I’m in between lives. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to do. I have to wrap up a 23-year chapter of my life in DC. It’s an opportunity to really take inventory of my life and possessions and discard that which no longer serves me. I’m drafting a “Will” for the first time in my life. Now that’s a post of its own.

So as I sit here on my patio sipping a glass of Cabernet and listening to the smooth sounds of 102.3, I wax nostalgic (sorry, I know this sentence is corny but it flowed.) This may be the last autumn I enjoy my patio because I don’t know if I will return to the DC area. I consider my Peace Corps opportunity as a sort of “hard boot.” I’ve been soft booting it for years and finally realized I needed to make a drastic change – I needed to do a “hard boot” to reset my life. I need to strip away all that I’ve believed to be me and discover who I really am at the core. For those of you who know me well, don’t worry, I’m expecting it’s not going to be all that different from the Mary you know now – perhaps just a more authentic me.

So I wait. And I have another glass of Cabernet.

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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Mary!
    I stumbled upon your blog as I was trying to find more info about the Peace Corps…and I’m so glad I did! I am 49 years old and I have wondered if I would be a good candidate. I am seriously considering this as it looks like timing is right for me: my two kids are grown, I’m not married and my career is “eh”. I have always wanted to join Peace Corps but never did due to family, bills, etc. I admire you for taking this on and I look forward to reading more about your adventure. Good luck!

    • Mary Trotter says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog and I hope you find it informative, useful and…entertaining! Feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions about the PC process.

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