Wow, what a day!

I came home from work the other day and received a plethora of good news! I brought my mail in and first discovered I had received two checks I had been waiting on from two agencies I work for. You see, I am an independent contractor and my pay cycles vary from agency to agency.

I also discovered I had received an inheritance check I had been waiting on. This is a funny story. My late grandmother’s youngest sister (she rounded out the dozen kids) passed away last year and I received a letter in the mail stating I had been named as an heir. My great-aunt never married and she did not have any children. She died intestate so her estate had to go through probate. Upon speaking with my brothers and sisters it appeared that no one in the family (immediate and extended) knew the breadth of her wealth. Sure, there was a lot of speculation…maybe she hid her money under the mattress…maybe she was a sharp investor…maybe she had been a collector of valuables…the list was endless. There were conflicting stories about what line of work she was in. Some said she was a hairdresser, others a librarian.  Perhaps she worked for the government…no one knew for sure. The months passed without any word from the attorneys. What was taking so long? Did she amass such great wealth that committees had to be formed to divvy up the loot?

Then the speculation took a right turn. Okay, how much money could she really have had? My family descends from a line of prolific Italian farmers who, although they made great spaghetti sauce, were not particularly known for their wealth. Is it possible she died penniless? Or worse yet, in serious debt? My brothers and sisters and I wondered if we would end up owing the probate attorneys!

I have to admit I was disappointed when I opened the letter and saw the back side of a personal check, rather than an official-looking, computer generated one. I turned it over and there it was, in all its glory: a check written to me in the amount of $181.22.  I smiled and thanked my great-aunt, and continued to go through the package. I went through the Inventory and Appraisement, the Final Accounting, and then I got to Exhibit A and that’s where the real fun began. Exhibit A was the breakdown, by heir, of the final accounting of the estate. My fraction, my piece of the pie, was 1/378!!! Did I mention I am from a prolific family?! 🙂

I owe my brother an apology because on our family vacation in July, he told us what proportion of the estate he figured out we’d receive. He said it was 1/300 something and I challenged him. I’m sorry Bill.

The last mail I opened I had saved for last. There were two letters from the Peace Corps. I opened them and they were my medical and dental clearance!!! I am officially medically cleared to serve. What’s next you ask? I currently have a Legal hold on my file (I guess my misspent youth finally caught up with me!) Actually, I need to provide a statement to the Peace Corps that says I will take care of my financial obligations (rent my house) and/or make provisions for someone else to hold the bag should I default!

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